“ Does recognition always need a physical symbol? A trophy? ”
“ Why not? ”
“ But is it mandatory? ”
 We say NO!
We believe there is no other recognition better than the love of viewers that could add joys and comfort to the hard work an artist puts into his/her work. After all, recognition could be as simple as a public acknowledgement.
Let’s term ‘recognition’ with a more sound synonym, ‘award’ and there! You found us!
We explore the Internet as our stage, where we have social media accounts as our podiums to convey and bestow recognition and everyone’s invited to be a guest to the show. The format is different, but the deserving talents remain the same.
So with this 'maybe-unfaithful' introduction of ours, we welcome you to the FOI Online Awards!
FOI Online Awards is an annual online poll, researched and organized by an anonymous team of film enthusiasts and cinema lovers, honouring the artists for their artworks. The poll is held yearly in the month of January-February to judge the best of the Hindi film industry for their masterpieces in the previous year. The jury follows research to elect nominations and also counts public votes to decide the winners, striving to give preference to the quality of the artwork. Every procedure, including the final announcements, is followed online only. The awarding guidelines are followed as per organizations' 'Rules & Guidelines' which has been framed and is regularly updated by its own hierarchy of Core Jury Members and Research Assistants. The 1st FOI Online Awards were announced on 14th February 2016 to judge the best of Hindi cinema in 2015.

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FOI Online Awards, India, (at times referred to as FOIOA), is an unregistered body which does not hold any legal status. It's a personal effort of an anonymous collective, which can be treated equivalent to a blog. The purpose of it's proceeding is to simply put forward an opinion; it does not intend to defame or insult an individual or organisation. The effort is purely interest-based and is not designed to gain any monetary advantage from anyone or of any kind.

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