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FOI Online Awards (FOIOA) is an annual online poll organized and voted by a group of film enthusiasts. The event, occurring every January / February, focuses on celebrating the outstanding achievements portrayed in Indian feature films in Hindi and English.

As a community of cinephiles, we recognize the profound value of genuine appreciation from the audience for artists. Our commitment lies in the simple yet powerful act of public acknowledgment — a form of recognition that we, equivalently, consider our 'award' to the artistic community.

The jury conducts thorough research and multiple rounds of voting to identify deserving nominees and winners. The entire process, including the conclusive announcement, takes place exclusively on the web. The jury diligently follows a regularly updated set of 'Rules & Guidelines,' serving as the procedural constitution outlining eligibility criteria and balloting requirements.

The inaugural FOI Online Awards were announced on February 14, 2016, commemorating feature films released in 2015.


FOI Online Awards, India (sometimes referred to as FOIOA), constitutes a personal endeavor orchestrated by a consortium of film enthusiasts. It is akin to a blog in nature. The primary objective of this undertaking is to articulate opinions; it harbors no intention of defaming or insulting individuals or organizations. This effort is entirely driven by a passion for the subject matter and is not formulated with the intent to derive any financial gain, directly or indirectly, from any individual or entity.​

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  1. We do not engage in or entertain queries related to sponsorship or publicity collaboration under any circumstances.
  2. When corresponding with us as a jury member, kindly include your membership ID in the subject line.
  3. Prior to reaching out to us, we kindly ask that you consult the FAQs section below for answers to common queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is FOIOA / FOI Online Awards?

FOI Online Awards, more commonly known as FOIOA, is an annual online poll meticulously researched, organized, and voted upon by a team of film enthusiasts. It strives to recognize artists for their exceptional contributions to the realm of Indian cinema. The poll is carried out every year during January / February to honor the outstanding achievements of Indian feature films in Hindi and English released in the preceding year.


Q. What does the acronym ‘FOI’ in FOI Online Awards / FOIOA stand for?

The origin of the acronym has a complex narrative. The 'FOI' in the acronym pays homage to the cinephile social media group 'Filmophiles of Internet,' within which the idea for FOIOA was conceived by the founding members. Although the group was eventually deleted a few years later, FOIOA and its journey have persisted for almost a decade now. It is noteworthy to mention that FOIOA initially used the full form 'Films of India' for 'FOI' during its early years. However, due to potential conflicts with other blogs bearing the same title, this usage was discontinued in 2019.


Q. How are the winners / nominees / awardees of FOIOA selected?

The winners and nominees of FOIOA are chosen by members of the FOIOA Jury panel. The jury engages in successive rounds of voting to determine nominations and winners. The jury adheres to a continually updated set of 'Rules & Guidelines,' which serves as the procedural constitution governing various eligibility and balloting requirements.

Q. Do FOIOA present any trophy / certificate to winners and nominees?

As of now, FOIOA does not present any memento, trophy, certificate, or any kind of transactional reward to the winners or nominees. This practice has been maintained since the inception of FOIOA. As enthusiasts and dedicated viewers, we recognize the profound value of genuine appreciation from the audience for artists. Our commitment lies in the simple yet powerful act of public acknowledgment—a form of recognition that we, equivalently, consider our 'award' to the artistic community.

Q. Who all can be a part of FOIOA Jury?

Membership in the FOIOA jury is currently open to all cinephiles with a keen interest in Hindi / English feature films (fiction) produced and released in India. Jury members actively engage in the annual voting process to select nominees and winners for the FOIOAs. Furthermore, members serve as advisors in formulating and updating the eligibility rules that govern the awards. Interested individuals may submit an application for consideration, and there is no fee for application or membership.


Q. Is voting for FOIOA open to public/non-Jury members?

No, as of today, FOIOA voting rounds are exclusively open to its Jury Members.

NOTE: This practice has been implemented following amendments in balloting rules in 2020.

  1. The winners of the first two editions of FOIOA (1st and 2nd) were determined based on votes from the public only, with the jury participating solely in the selection of nominees.

  2. The winners of the subsequent three editions of FOIOA (3rd, 4th, and 5th) were decided by considering votes from both the Jury and the Public, while the nominees were selected solely by the Jury panel.

  3. Since the 6th edition of FOIOA, all voting procedures for both winners and nominees are open exclusively to Jury members.


Q. Is FOIOA Jury membership open to individuals currently working in the filmmaking industry?

As of today, there is no restriction on individuals working in films or any other field to apply for Jury Membership. The final decision on acceptance can only be determined after the review of the application.

Q. What are the eligibility criteria to be considered for FOIOAs?

At present, FOIOA focuses on Hindi / English feature films (fiction) produced and released in India. The feature film must experience its initial public and commercial release on Indian theatrical screens or digital streaming platforms for Indian audiences between January 1st and December 31st (inclusive) of the respective year.

For more detailed information, please consult the Rules for Eligibility (Part I, Section II of Rules & Guidelines).

Q. Does FOIOA consider feature films produced as an international collaboration?

Yes, for feature films produced as an international collaboration and headlined by production companies from various countries, at least one of the production companies should be based in India. The release date for such feature films would be considered on the day it is premiered to Indian audiences on Indian theatrical screens or digital streaming platforms, and it should fall between January 1st and December 31st (inclusive) of the year being considered.


Q. Does FOIOA consider feature films presented at a private screening (online or offline) or a film festival?

No, a feature film premiered or released at a film festival or a private screening is considered ineligible unless it is followed by a public and commercial theatrical or digital release.

Q. Does FOIOA consider non-fiction films, web series or television shows?

No, currently, FOIOA specifically considers in Hindi/English feature films (fiction) produced and released in India.


Q. Does FOIOA consider feature films released directly to OTT platforms / streaming / VOD services?

Yes, feature films with a digital release through OTT commercial streaming or video-on-demand services are eligible for consideration, provided the streaming / service platform has active operations in India. It is important to note that such productions do not include web series or other episodic formats.


Q. Does FOIOA consider short films/anthologies?

Short films (with a duration, excluding credits, of 40 minutes or less) are not eligible. However, a collection of short films released as an anthology feature film is eligible, subject to the following terms:

  1. The film will be judged for its craft 'collectively' as a single feature film and not as separate standalone short films.

  2. Actors in individual short films of the anthology will remain eligible for the categories of Actor/Actress in a Leading / Supporting Role, with screentime not considered a factor to deny them consideration.

  3. Songs in individual short films will remain eligible for the categories of Original Song, Playback Singer – Male / Female, Lyricist & Choreography.

  4. For all other categories, the anthology will be judged as a single feature film, and credits (if the anthology is eventually nominated) will include respective artists under each short film of the anthology.

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