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FOIOA Membership

Membership in the FOIOA jury is currently open to all cinephiles with a keen interest in Hindi / English feature films (fiction) produced and released in India. Jury members actively engage in the annual voting process to select nominees and winners for the FOIOAs. Furthermore, members serve as advisors in formulating and updating the eligibility rules that govern the awards. Interested individuals may submit an application for consideration.


There is no fee for application or membership.


  1. Fill out the application and submit (Step 1). Once submitted, the application would undergo a review.

  2. Once reviewed and deemed fit for approval, the applicant will receive a confirmation at the e-mail address provided.

  3. Once the confirmation has been received, the applicant needs to fill out the verification form (Step 2) before the deadline mentioned in the confirmation email. On completion, the member will receive a Membership ID number at the e-mail address provided. The Membership ID numbers acts as a unique identification for all further procedures requiring the member's participation. 


  1. The mere submission of an application does not confer membership to the applicant. Each application will undergo a review, and only those deemed fit for approval will receive confirmation.

  2. The review of the application and the issuance of the Membership ID may take up to 30 days from the day of submission and confirmation, respectively.

  3. If an applicant fails to receive confirmation within 30 days of submission, he/she/they should consider their application as rejected. No communication in this regard will be forwarded to the applicant separately. Such an applicant may reapply for the position only after a period of one year from the date of the last submission.

IMPORTANT: The 9thFOIOA voting procedures have commenced - responses and reviews for new jury membership applications will only be undertaken upon the conclusion of the voting process.

Step 2: Membership Verification

Enter you Application Number & Email to proceed.


Existing Members

Manage Membership Profile 

- Check membership status

- View / edit registered details

- Renew inactive membership

- Request membership withdrawal

Voting Portal Login


For any other queries or clarification, write to from your registered email address.

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