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FOIOA introduces new Qualifying Rule for Music Direction

A recent discussion on the Jury panel concluded with the introduction of a new qualifying eligibility for entries competing for the Music Direction category. The changes, which restricts eligibility of soundtrack based on the number of original and remixed songs, will be effective from coming 2020 edition.

According to the modified rule, "for a music album to be eligible in this category, number of reprised songs

should not exceed 40% of the total number of songs in the soundtrack".

Prior to this amendment, reprised/remixed songs were already considered ineligible for the categories of Original Song, Lyricist and Playback (if reprised by the same singer). Additionally, if a previously released and commercially utilized song was reprised in the feature film’s music album, in original or remixed format, the music directors of such reprised song (both the original composer and the composer reprising it) were not credited, in case the entry was finally nominated.



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