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FOIOA revises Jury-Public Voting Weight-age

Challenging the already proposed norms, a jury member recently raised objection on the panel to revise the Jury-Public voting weight-age. The weight-age ratio, which defines the percentage of votes to be included from Jury and Public to decide the final winner in each category, was eventually revised following a discussion.

Prior to changes, weight-age ratio for categories ranged from 50-50% to 70-30%. Objection was raised questioning the basis of differentiation of this ratio with category. Proposal also requested that the jury should have a 'stronger' say in final decision.

Following a series of discussion, the proposal was accepted with a new single weight-age ratio of 65-35% applicable to all categories. Even though this new ratio has given the Jury a higher control on decisions of major categories, a single limit for all categories have also given a relaxation to others. Jury's share in decision for categories of Feature Film, Direction, Performance (all), Music (except Background Score) and Choreography increased by 15%; and those of Writing (all), Cinematography and Editing by 5%. However, all other technical categories were relaxed by 5%.

The new proposed weight-age ratio will be applicable from the upcoming 2020 edition.



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